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Daily weighted slowdown duration (totalize)

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I'm hoping to get some help to use Seeq to find my daily slowdown weighted duration. In the below signals you can see the Setpoint (upper line), the Trigger (lower line) and the Rate (fluctuating signal).

The weighted duration time would be calculated as follows:

Loss = When Rate<Trigger  then [Totalize(Target) - Totalize(Actual)]

Weighted duration = Loss/Target


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Hi Taylor, below are some steps to achieve this. Feel free to sign up for Office Hours if you'd like help implementing this. 

  1. Use Value Search to determine when your Rate < Trigger
  2. Use Signal from Condition to totalize your Target during the output of Step 1. Repeat for Actual. Note your tags have unrecognized units of Metric Tons/hour. If you'd like to make these into units Seeq recognizes, you can include a Step 1b where you use Formula and $tag.setUnits('t/hr') to apply these units. The outputs of Step 2 would then have units of metric tons.
  3. Subtract outputs of Step 2 to find your loss and divide by the target to get weighted duration
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