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Finding maximum value during the current time duration in a trend

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I'm looking to find the maximum value in a trend during the current time duration.  So, for instance, in an osculating trend of 6 hours, what would the maximum value be?  I also want to be able to use that value in a formula with another signal.  Right now, I am able to find the max value, but it says that it's scalar and can't be used in a formula.  I tired the .toSignal(), but that gives an error.

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Hi Trevor,

There are multiple formulas you can write to accomplish this, but it will depend on the time duration you would like to find the maximum for. In the photo, I have found the maximum of my signal Temperature over 2 different time ranges. In this case, the dashed line is due to uncertainty in the calculation, but both formulas result in Signals. 

1. max of 6 hour periods: This formula will find the maximum point in every 6 hour window: $t.aggregate(maxValue(), periods(6hours), durationkey())

2. max of the last 6 hours: This will use now() so that the maximum is calculated for the past 6 hours relative to current time: $t.aggregate(maxValue(), condition(6h, capsule(now()-6h, now())), durationkey())


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