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Reset Counter when Seal Replacement Occurs

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I've created plots to show when seal pots are manually drained, aiming to understand seal life through conditional monitoring. In my current snapshot, I depict seal pot drainage as fluctuations in the seal pot level. The second-to-last lane includes a rolling counter tracking drainage instance over a 6-month period. The goal is to use a tree map that changes colour based on the duration of seal pot drainage within that timeframe. I've successfully implemented a condition to identify seal replacements using a bathtub shape. However, my challenge is resetting the rolling counter in lane 9 to zero when a seal is replaced. The seal being replaced is shown by the dot in the last lane and the variable is called Tracking, the rolling counter is called Seal Replacement Metric.

I have also created a step signal to count replacement. Is there a way to subtract the step signals as shown in image below.


Thank you,



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Dayyan,

I'm not sure if I'm fully understanding the question, but if you make a condition where each capsule represents the time in between seal replacements, you could then use that condition to reset the counters. To do this, you could do something like


Note that you'll need the $sealreplacement to be a condition so if you just have a discrete signal for when the seal is replaced, you may need a $signal.tocapsules() first.

From there, you could follow the post below using the above condition as the $reset and $signal as the counter that you want to reset.

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