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Extracting Worksheet IDs from Workbooks


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I would like to extract worksheet and workbook IDs from multiple workbooks into a dataframe. Does someone know how to do this with a SPy query? I will be using the dataframe to reconstruct URLs that will be used in another application to quickly open these SEEQ worksheets.

On top of that, with the reconstructed URLs, would there be a way to specify the start/end time of the plots?

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  • Seeq Team


You can extract the worksheet ID using Seeq API. Here's an example:

workbooks_api = seeq.sdk.WorkbooksApi(spy._login.client) #calling the workbook API
workbook_id = '0EEC3FB8-2D63-ECB0-86E9-47A0DC532F31' #replace the ID with your own workbook ID
worksheets = workbooks_api.get_worksheets(workbook_id=workbook_id).to_dict()['worksheets'] #calling the worksheets under the workbook ID

The start/end time will follow the existing worksheets.

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