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Notifications for unclosed capsules

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Hello Seeq Community,

I would like to set a notification for a search condition that notifies me when the capsule started, even when the capsule is not closed yet. Is that possible? Or will I only be notified when the capsule is closed? As shown in the screenshot below, I would like be notified immediately when the condition is fulfilled (e.g. approx 16:43:15)

Thank you!



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  • Seeq Team


Notifications are sent when the capsule is detected (allowing for the 15 minute default or other chosen "check for new capsules" frequency time window). So, at the point in time that the capsule forms (which can be complex logic depending on other signals or conditions involved), you should receive a notification within 15 minutes or within whatever the "check for new capsules" time setting is. The notification does not wait until the capsule closes. 

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