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I would like to combine three signals in a running condition startvalue previous signal

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Hey guys,

I would like to have the totalized (runningsum) of the total amount of packed product per day.

I have only the bag counter and type of bag signals. 

What I did so far: 

I created a formula to display the number of bags per type per day and fill the gaps with 0. 

$a = $pvvl2.runningDelta()
$b = $_25k

$c = $b.intersect($day)


Now, I would like to combine those three signals; however, I don't want to go to zero every time that the bag change. I would like to have a running sum per day. 

I already tried splice, runningsum, runningdelta, but it is not working. Do you have any idea how I can get it? 

Thank you for your support. 



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This is the approach I suggest:

1. Create a new formula for "Weight of Bag Being Packed" using your existing 25kg, 50lb, and 46 lb conditions. I converted 25kg to lbs as the "default weight" but you can do this however is best, and use kg or lbs as desired (I used lbs):

// Default to 25 kg and substitute in other weights when those conditions are present


2. Calculate "Amount Packed" with a new formula, using the result from step 1:

// use .max(0) in case the bag counter ever resets


3. Calculate the "Daily Running Sum of Amount Packaged" with a new formula, using a daily condition and the result from step 2:


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