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Writing to logs from an add on

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When I am writing code in Data Lab, I can print to the logs. 

But, once I package the widget, it doesn't write anything to the logs any more.

Is there any way to write to any logs from an add on please? 



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  • Seeq Team

@Nitish, Great question!  What kind of Add-on are you developing?  Is it an Add-on Tool or a frontend Add-on that uses a Data Lab Function as a backend? 

If you are developing an Add-on uses a Data Lab Function as a backend then you can directly call the reserved `LOG` variable to write to the Data Lab logger.  

Lets look at a really simple example of a function in the cell of a Data Lab Functions notebook.  

def add_ten(number=0):
  # This function adds 10 to a number
  LOG.info("Starting the process")
  	new_number = number + 10
    return new_number
  except Exception as e
  	# Lets log this failure
    LOG.error(f"Failed to add ten with error - {e}"


Alternatively, you can use the `getLogger` method from the logging module to get the Data Lab Functions Logger:

import os
import logging

my_log = logging.getLogger(os.environ['SEEQ_DATALAB_FUNCTIONS_LOGGER'])
my_log.info("Hello World!")


The logs for the Data Lab Function can be viewed from : 



Check out https://support.seeq.com/kb/latest/cloud/reserved-variables#id-(R64)ReservedVariables-TheLOGObject for more information. 

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