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Swapping topic content directly on Organizers' worksheets

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My intention is starting from a workbook with many worksheets I would like to create new  workbooks where the worksheets are obtained swapping assets from the orginal one with date ranges adjusted.

If one perform the operation manually is quite straightforward.

On the contrary when trying to prtfrom the same operation on datalab I have not progressed from doing the operation signal by signal (I'm attaching the relevant createSwaapedWorksheet.ipynb). This example insert into the same worksheet new content so it is only in any case a partial step.  However if one have to swap tens of assets for hundreds of signals per asset this approach does not seem to be viable.



I've seen that a similar problem has be tackled here 


where the signals are taken directly into to the worksheet, but they seem to be taken again one by one.


I've also tried to swap signals. So I've taken some signals 




and then I swapped them



Now I'm stuck because I do not know how to use them. Also because the organizer will have manu worksheets and many relevant  workbenches and I do not know how to use the dataframe with wwapping relation to swap my topic content.


Does anyone has already tackled this issue? Is solvable?





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