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Keep function returning ZERO value

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My keep function in advanced training does not work and only returns a ZERO. Below is the code an the image.

$Grade106 = $gcwp.keep('Grade Code',
     isEqualTo('Grade 106'))
$Grade107 = $gcwp.keep("Grade Code",
     isEqualTo("Grade 107"))
$Grade108 = $gcwp.keep("Grade Code",
     isEqualTo("Grade 108"))



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  • Seeq Team


Be careful to two things:

  • When you create the condition, make sure you name your property correctly:
$signal.toCondition('Grade Code')
  • Then pay attention to single and double quotes:
$condition.keep('Grade Code', isEqualTo('Grade 106'))

Let me know if this helpful.

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Thank you. My confusion is that I'm following along line by line in the training video and the formulas are identical. I didn't see any instructions in the training to use the "toCondition" function. I'll give it a try.

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