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Seeq Super User Cetification

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I completed my Seeq Super User Test and got the certificate. But that doesn't seem to have any credential ID. Are the certificates just like that or do I need to do anything else? 

Additional info: 

  1. I have taken the Data Science learning path. 
  2. My learning progress is at 67%, as I didn't go for the instructor-led ones, but the e-learning modules.image.png.e8e6810a39760b34fa6fb409e2303a5c.png


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Onkar,

Our certificates doesn't include a credential ID just the certificate with the person's name on it. And for your 2nd question, upon checking with our training team, you have already completed all required courses within the path. The only way to have 100% completion is to take as well the other optional courses within the path, but it is not required. 

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