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Feature request: download and reproduce all elements of a workbench analysis (signals, formulas, aesthetics) via CSV


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Say I’ve set up a Seeq workbench analysis exactly just how I’d like it, with a TON of customizations to the trend aesthetics, a number of active/inactive signals, conditional statements, a few sprinkled in formulas, etc. I'd like to continue making similar workbench analyses for a remaining number of signals belonging to my process area, but it's a pain to reproduce the same workbench analysis N times over manually.

Is there a way to export my workbench analysis into some sort of CSV file that allows me to see each field and its associated value (e.g. which signals are actively trending, what lane they're on, how the trend is visualized like line width and color, what conditional statements exist and how they're defined, etc.)? I'd then want another script that can take that CSV file and reproduce the EXACT SAME workbench analysis with all its associated aesthetics, active/inactive signals, conditional statements, formulas, etc.

I'd also hope that the script which outputs a workbench analysis could output several workbench analyses all at once and optionally compile them all into a blue workbook. 

The implications of something like this would be immense for my role as it would enable me to very quickly take a concept workbench analysis and reproduce it N times with different signals and tailored analyses depending on the signal.

Does this exist? Will I need to become a part-time coder and write the script myself?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Jose,

Yes, if "part-time coder" means "some coding". You will need to use Seeq Data Lab to do this. All of what you want is possible, it is all covered by Workbook Templates, and here's the documentation:

https://python-docs.seeq.com/user_guide/Workbook Templates.html

You will need to get at least knee deep in Seeq Data Lab and Python to do this, but you may find that it enables all kinds of other great work that you might want to do. Also, our AI Assistant can give you lots of help if you have it enabled.

If you hit a wall, come back here and post again with what progress you've made.

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Thanks, Mark.

I gave it a shot; unfortunately, I keep encountering errors when using spy.push on my configured template worksheet. 

I imagine troubleshooting these errors would go a lot smoother on a call with a Seeq expert. Who may I reach out to?


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