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Statistics on multiple non-continuous signals


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I would like to run calculations e.g. min or max per time over multiple non-continuous signals. Unfortunately the sampling time points are slightly shifted. It would be great to transform the non-continuous signals into continuous signals (linear interpolation) to apply SeeQ methods on it. I haven't found a feasible solution so far. Could you please help me?

Inserting image did not work: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16oVHGDeVp86WqHXKe5fMf8wmvBhCC08A/view?usp=sharing

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Hi Fiene,

You can linearly interpolate between data points on your non-continuous signals using Seeq formula tool. First apply the setMaxInterpolation() function to the singal, and follow with the toLinear() function to ensure linear interpolation (if your signal is brought in as step interpolation or other type). Here is the syntax for the Seeq Formula tool:

$signal.setMaxInterpolation(X hours).toLinear()

In this example syntax, "X hours" should be changed to the amount of time you would like to linearly interpolate between samples.


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