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Histogram Tool Aggregated Over Time

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The histogram tool when aggregated over time can cause some confusion as to what hours of the day the values of the bins reflect. The bin labels that are generated by Seeq reflect the hour of the day beginning at midnight. So for example, 0 = midnight, 2 = 2 AM, 14 = 2 PM, etc. When the display range interval is set to one day beginning at midnight, the histogram bins line up with the signal value quite nicely (see attached screenshot 2). When the display range is not set to begin at midnight, or is set to multiple days, the histogram bins may not appear to line up with the process data (see attached screenshot 1), but the distribution that they reflect is correct for the day(s) in the display range.

histogram tool discussion - screenshot 1.pdf histogram tool discussion - screenshot 2.pdf

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