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Creating conditions based on the slope of a Signal

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  • Seeq Team

FAQI want to create a condition where a trend is within a specific range of slope so as to identify instances where it falls inside and outside these ranges. Is this possible?

SolutionThis can be easily done using a combination of the Formula and Value Search tools in the sequence below.

  1. Use formula to calculate a new signal that is the derivative of the original signal. Formula code is:
    Note - if the original signal is step interpolated, the derivative returned may have infinite values. If it is step interpolated, it is best to first change the interpolation method to linear, then take the derivative. Formula code for this method is: $signal.toLinear().derivative()
  2. Use the value search tool on your new derivative signal to create a condition when your derivative is above or below a particular value, or in a specified range.
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