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Using Scorecard Metrics in Subsequent Signal/Condition Calculations

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I've calculated a scorecard metric that I want to use in a calculation of a condition. While the scorecard metric is visible in trend view, it is not provided as a signal choice in the drop-downs on the tools or in the Seeq formula window. Can my scorecard metric be used in calculations of other signals/conditions?

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The Scorecard Metric tool does not actually create a signal that can be used in further calculations, despite being able to be viewed in trend view. In many cases the Signal from Condition tool can be used to accomplish the same calculation as Scorecard Metric and produces a signal that can be built on top of. The most common exception to this are calculations based on your current display range. These calculations can currently only be done using a Scorecard Metric or a simple table.

If there is a desire to use the calculated parameter (via either scorecard metric or signal from condition) in further calculations AND have the ability to add colored thresholds, we recommend first using signal from condition to do the calculation of the parameter, then referencing your signal from condition in the scorecard metric tool (without actually calculating the metric).

Content Verified DEC2023

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