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Creating 1-Minute Data Instead of Hourly

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Currently I am using the Periodic Condition to be able to view average capacities hourly, however I'd like to know if there is a way to obtain these averages every minute. 

What I am are trying to achieve here is to be able to see the average capacities every minute of our tags and if at the same time this data could be portrayed as a signal so that we can compare the averages with our original signal in one single lane if both are possible together.

Thanks again.

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  • Seeq Team

You can create more specialized periodic conditions using the "periods()" function in the formula tool. For example "periods(1min)" will give you one capsule every minute. That condition can then be used in the signal from condition tool.

The periods function can also create overlapping or gapped capsules. For example, if you wanted to compare your actual signal against 5 minutes of data but do it every minute, you'd use "periods(5min, 1min)". (Then you'd probably want to align your signal from condition on the middle of the capsules)

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