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this topic came up during a customer training. The presentation of the individual assets in the Treemap view looks strange at first glance. In the screenshot, the assets "Area J" and "Area K" are displayed as long rectangles, although all assets have the same number of sub-elements:


When the size of the display pane is changed it looks better:


According to your KB entry the size of the rectangles is determined by its number of assets and may be changed by the API. Is there an example for this?



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Thorsten-

In the first screenshot, the area of each box is actually the same, even though some boxes have different dimensions.  As you observed, the size of your display impacts how the boxes are drawn.

To adjust the box sizes via the API, please use the following steps:

1. On your Seeq installation, open the workbook that contains the Treemap and navigate to the API:


2. To get the ID of the asset that you would like to resize:

       a. Navigate to GET Assets


       b. Adjust the "limit" to 200 and click "Try it out!"


       c. In the Response Body, locate the asset to resize and copy the "id":


3. To resize the asset:

       a. Navigate to POST Item Properties


       b. Paste the asset ID into the "id" field.  Use the following syntax in the "Body" field.  

    "unitOfMeasure": "",
    "name": "size",
    "value": 10

        The following screenshot shows a size 10, but this number may be adjusted.


       c. Click "Try it out!"

4. Navigate back to the Treemap and refresh the browser.  The Treemap now reflects the adjusted size:



Please let me know if you have any additional questions.





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