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Export data, but only for discrete timestamps


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The question

Suppose I have an irregularly spaced discrete signal, and several continuous signals.  Is there a simple way to export the data such that I only get data from the times when the discrete signal has data?

I.e. suppose my discrete data was taken at 1min, 3.1min, 8min and 19.5min.  Can I get an exported sheet that has the value of all the interpolated results only at 1, 3.1, 8 and 19.5 minutes?

What I have tried

  • Automatic Gridding: Fails to export any discrete data
  • Custom Gridding: Fails to export any discrete data 
  • Original Timestamps: Exports all data, but the discrete and interpolated signals are misaligned
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Hi Kevin,

you can resample the continuos signal with the timestamps of the discrete one:


This will create a new signal with interpolated values. Exporting the values with original timestamps should give you the desired results.




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