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Rolling Prediction

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Seeq Version: R21.0.42+


How can i create a signal that forcasts a value out into the future based on some rolling period of historical data? For this example say i want to predict the Area A Temperature  3 days in the future based on the previous week (7 days) of data.  





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To Create a rolling linear forecast on data, we can use the formula tool:


As of R63 you can also use the ForecastArima function in Seeq Formula as well to create a rolling forecast. Please see the following knowledgebase article for more information on how to use ForecastArima: https://support.seeq.com/kb/latest/cloud/best-practices-for-using-forecastarima

Please do have a look at few other discussions as below links that applied the forecastlinear() function.

The cumulative of time as shown in Step 3 can be simplified to timesince($condition,1min). 


Content Verified DEC2023

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