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Create a String Signal that Shows the Different Operational Modes in a Device at each Time


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Goal is to create a string signal that  shows the different operation modes in a device at each time.

Step 1. Create the sample modes using Values Search Tool, Advanced Search: Value Search Tool, Advanced Search


Step 2. Create a continuous condition called “Mode” comprising all three (startup, steady state, shutdown), and assign a property to each capsule to identify the mode.  

for more information please look at the following link: Set property to a capsule 

Formula for creating the mode with property condition: 

$ShutDown   = $Shutdown.setProperty("Mode", "ShutDown")
$StartUp     = $Startup.setProperty("Mode", "StartUp")
$steady = $Steady.setProperty("Mode", "Steady")

combineWIth($StartUp, $steady, $ShutDown)


Step 3. Use the Formula Tool to create a string signal using the "mode with property" condition and shows the mode of the input signal at each time. 

Here is the formula for creating the string signal (Mode is the Mode with property condition in here)

$inputsignal.transformToSamples(  $capsule -> sample($capsule.getStart(), $capsule.getproperty('Mode')), 10d)



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