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Osisoft PI Vision Integration with Seeq


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Hello Everyone,

We have started using Seeq and find it very useful. The next step will be integration with PI Vision to share the reports directly with the users. I believe this is possible but would like to have more information on how to do this integration.

Appreciate all your help and apologies in case this is a duplicate question..



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Hi Coolhunter,

Happy to hear you find Seeq very useful. For sharing reports/dashboards we recommend using Seeq Organizer. This is included in Seeq and is great for assembling and distributing Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages. For more information check out https://www.seeq.com/product/organizer or watch this short video https://www.seeq.com/resources/seeq-university/385-using-the-organizer-feature.

We also offer the ability to integrate with PI Vision. For more information please contact support@seeq.com to discuss with one of our Analytics Engineers.




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Hi Coolhunter, 

I have seen this requested multiple times and one solution might be to use a custom PI Vision symbol that enables you to embed Seeq content into PI Vision. 
A solution to this challenge can be found here: Get the most out of PI Vision - Seeq Analytics in PI Vision - Seeq in PI Vision (werusys.de)

If you want to know more about the PI Vision integration with Seeq feel free to drop me a mail: julian.weber@werusys.de





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