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Start and End values of a signal

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you can get the start and end value the following way:

1. Import data from CSV and create a capsule for complete range of data by doing a simple Value Search:

2. In order to get only the first and the last value of the imported data create another two capsules that represent a small interval just after start and just before end of the capsule created in step 1. 

3. Use the "Signal from Condition" tool to calculate the start and end values:

You could also skip step 2 and use the capsule created in step 1 inside step 3 as the bounding condition. But then you have to specify a maximum duration of the capsule which may decrease performance.






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  • Seeq Team


You can use the pick() function to find the value at or just before now.

The below formula will pick the last sample value of a signal that exists within a capsule created from 1 day before now, to now. The result is a scalar showing the value at now.

$signal.toScalars(capsule(now() - 1d, now())).pick(-1)

To select the sample value just before now, change the pick() function in the formula.

$signal.toScalars(capsule(now() - 1d, now())).pick(-2)

The scalar value given as the result of this formula will continue to update as new data comes in and updates the current value.



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