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How do I find and delete old items to avoid the message 'An item with this name already exists'?

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In the course of building an analysis and experimenting you may create multiple signals and conditions you don't need. Clicking the 'x' in the Details pane will only remove them from the list but not from Seeq. As a result, when you go to create a new signal/condition and give it the same name you'll see the message 'An item with this name already exists.'


This inevitably leads to the following two questions...

How do I find the item?

All signals and conditions can be searched for from the Data tab. Here are a few helpful hints to remember...

  • Make sure to hit the Reset button to clear all filters and make sure you are searching from the top level and not within an asset tree.
  • With the help of regex you can return only exact matches.... /^TAG NAME$/
  • For more information check out the Seeq Knowledge Base article Basic Searching and Filtering.


How do I delete the item?

One you find the item, add it to the Display. You can then select Item Properties and the red trash can. For more information on Item Trash check out the Seeq Knowledge Base article Item Trash.




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