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Using Conditions and the Splice Function to Replace "if" Statements

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We often do calculations where we are interested in having one result if one condition is true and a second result if another condition is true.  In this post we will discuss how to do this calculation in Seeq. 

We will create a new single signal which runs different calculations during different periods of time. This technique can be used to replicate "if" logic or "if / else" logic currently being used in excel.

Example existing code from excel or other systems

  • IF Temperature > 90 then show a result of  (Temperature * 100) 
  • IF Temperature < 90F then show a result of  (Temperature + 10)

Step 1: Identify two modes of operation


  • In the Tools tab identify the following conditions using the Value Search tool:



Step 2: Use formula to reconstruct "if/then statement" using Seeq's Splice Tool


$Temperature Temperature Signal
$HighTempCondition Greater than 90 Condition

Seeq Formula:


$HighTempCalc = $Temperature * 100
$LowTempCalc = $Temperature + 10

Section 1  -  $HighTempCalc
This is the first arbitrary calculation which is to be run during periods of high temperature

Section 2  -  $LowTempCalc
This is the first arbitrary calculation which is to be run when NOT in periods of high temperature

Final  -  $LowTempCalc.splice($HighTempCalc,$HighTempCondition)
Combine your two series. Use the LowTempCalc series, unless you are in the High Temperature condition, in which case use the HighTempCalc 
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