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Aggregating only desired values for a Signal over periodic times

Brian Crandall

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There are many use cases where the user wants to do an aggregation over a periodic time frame, but only include certain values. For instance, in this example, we aim to calculate the average daily compressor power but only when the compressor is Online.

1. First, use Value Search to identify when the compressor is ON, which in this example is when the compressor power > 0.5 kW.

20190912_Aggregating only desired values 3.png

2. Then, use the 'Within' function in the formula tool to filter the signal to only include samples when the compressor is ON.

20190912_Aggregating only desired values 4.png

3. Create daily condition using either 'Periodic Condition' or 'Formula' Tool. 

4. Finally, use 'Signal from Condition' tool to calculate average daily compressor power when it's ON.


Content Verified MAY2024

Edited by Siti Tay
Simplify the steps and add screenshot for the last step
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