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Using Scorecard Metric to Create Monitoring Charts

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Many of our users monitor process variables on some periodic frequency and are interested in a quick visual way of noting when a process variable is outside some limits. Perhaps you have multiple tiers of limits indicating violations of operating envelopes or violations of operating limits, and are interested in creating a visualization like that shown below. 



Method 1: Boundaries Tool 

One method to do this involves using the boundaries tool. This tool is discussed in Step 3 of this seeq.org post, and results in a graphic like that shown below. 


Some frequently asked questions around the above method are: Is there a way to make the different levels of boundaries different colors? Is there a way to color the section outside of the limits rather than inside of the limits? 


Method 2: Scorecard Metrics in Trend View

Step 1. Load the signal you are interested in monitoring as well as the limits into the display pane. The limits can be added directly from the historian, or if they do not exist in the historian they can be created using Seeq Formula. 


Step 2. Open a new Scorecard Metric from the tools panel, create a simple scorecard metric on your signal of interest, with no statistic. Click the "+" icon to optionally enter thresholds, and add the threshold color limits that you are interested in visualizing. 


Note that the thresholds input in the boundary tool can be constant (entering a numeric value) or variable, selecting a signal or scalar. 


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