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NOAA Weather Service Connector

Morgan Bowling

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Is there a way to obtain NOAA Weather Forecasts as part of this Connector?

We used this Connector to obtain historical weather data and then used Prediction to build equations relating weather data and certain performance metrics.  We would like to obtain the upcoming weather forecast and apply the equations to it, thus anticipating what the performance metrics will be, a few days into the future.

Excel can manually be used for this purpose, of course, but like most things it would be great to have a solution in Seeq


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Adam-

The NOAA weather connector brings in all historical and forecast data that is available.  This typically includes about a 7-day forecast:


Are you not observing the forecasted portion (dotted line) of the signal?  Could you please provide a screenshot of what the temperature signal looks like?



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The 7 days forecast is looking like that today.

The Connector has low reliability which Seeq has said is due to the NOAA's servers.  It is possible the NOAA's servers were not providing forecast data when I investigated.  For portions of last month, the NOAA's servers did not even provide current data.  

Weather Connector.png

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