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Catalyst Performance Prediction


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I'm trying to build a case where I need to predict catalyst performance and end of life time line. The catalyst end of life is based on few parameters. Do you have an example where you predict how a catalyst performs with time (Upcoming weeks/months) ? I would like to take historic filtered (based on key parameters) data and predict the upcoming performance according to the historic data. 


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Ali

Thank you so much for reaching out.  We actually did a webinar with this use case a while back and I have linked that here --  Predictive Analytics with Seeq (you are welcome to watch the whole thing but the solution overview starts ~7 minutes).  That prediction was just based off of DP but you could also use other variables in your model as well.  In order to get your prediction to go into the future I also suggest you take a look at the below Seeq.org post. 

This should get you started in the right direction.  If you have more questions once you get into the details please feel free to reach out on here or email support@seeq.com 

Happy predicting! 


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