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I'm using the formula .remove() and when I try to execute to remove some data based on predefined capsules, it is showing this message. EXCEEDS_MAXIMUM_INTERPOLATION{2}: Message: Samples are spaced by 7d, more than the maximum interpolation(40h). Please help

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Hi Ali,

Seeq tries to interpolate missing values. In the following example I removed the values from the temperature curve, if the value is less than 73°F. I get a curve with the expected gap and Seeq informs with that message that it is not able to interpolate the values:


If you do the same with a signal that has a maximum interpolation of greater than the gap, Seeq interpolates the values and does not show the message:


If you do not want to interpolate you should use the within() function. Seeq than does not show the message.




Edited by Thorsten Vogt
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  • Seeq Team

Hi Ali,

Both the methods that you and Thorsten describe above will work absolutely fine for what you are hoping to achieve in Seeq. Although the first method that you described produces a warning, Seeq's calculations will still complete (it is only when an error is received that the calculations do not complete). The warning is just there to let you know that you have gaps in your signal, in case this is something that you did not want. In your case, you are explicitly trying to create gaps in this data, so either Thorsten's within() method can be used, or you can simply ignore the warning. 



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