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Seeq Ignition Module Error


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I've started to play around with Ignition and I wanted to access Seeq through it. I downloaded the module from your website for the Ignition V. 8 and entered the required informaiton. Seems like the module is working because it's status is "Running" and I can see in my Seeq instance the newly added connection. However, when I try to open Ignition Designer I get the following error:


Error loading hook class "com.seeq.ignition.designer.DesignerHook" for module "Seeq".

(see attached picture for refrence).

Any idea what might be causing it?




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  • Seeq Team

Hi Yoni,


The error occurs due to some missing dependencies that the Seeq module requires when launching the designer.  Seeq will add the ability to link to Seeq content from the designer and that requires certain modules.  Can you check to see if the Vision module is installed on the Ignition server?  Usually adding that module will resolve this issue.


Very Respectfully,


Mike Cantrell

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