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Creating a Condition for Equipment Start-up


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Chris-

I think this can be achieved using a combination of the Value Search and Composite Condition tools.  

In the following screenshot, I have a signal (temperature) and a condition (Start Capsule).  Let's say I'd like to create a new condition that starts at the start of each capsule in Start Capsule and ends when the temperature is 90.

First, use the Value Search tool to identify when the temperature is 90 F.


This results in several small capsules each time the temperature is 90 F.

Next, combine these 2 conditions using the join operator in the Composite Condition tool:


This results in a new condition (Start to Temp=90) where each capsule starts at the start the Start Capsule capsule and ends at the start of the Temp=90 capsule.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Hi Chris,

you can use Deviation Search for this. 

I altered @Lindsey.Wilcox example by using another signal that acts as the limit:image.thumb.png.5fa0ef2110f534963dcb2b5b0e2695de.png

Using Deviation Search you can find capsules, when the value is above the threshold:


In the last step you combine the conditions to get the desired capsules. Make sure you uncheck "Inclusive of B", otherwise the resulting capsules are extended by the duration of B.



Hope this helps.





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