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Combining Different Phases of a Batch Process Into a New Condition

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  • Seeq Team

There are times when you may need to combine two capsule series to form a single capsule series. We've seen this is batch processing where a parent batch has two or more child series, perhaps representing operations or phases. For reporting or other purposes a capsule series where each capsule starts at the beginning for a capsule and ends at the end of another capsule. 

In this example we have a Parent Condition, Phase 1 Condition and Final Phase Condition. 

image.pngSay we want to be able to actual the average time starting when Phase 1 begins and Final Phase ends.  In this case we can "join" together the Phase 1 and the Final Phase using our Composite Condition Tool. 


You should now see that the Combined Condition starts at the beginning of Phase 1 and ends at the end of the Final Phase.  Now that we have identified this period of interest we could do a variety of calculations using the Signal from Condition tool. These calculations could include average duration of the Combined condition, maximum temperature during the combined condition, etc.  

You may notice in the Capsules pane that the "children" didn't inherit the Batch ID of the Parent.  If you want advice on how to complete this you can reference this article. 


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