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Displaying Multiple Data Series on a Single Scatter Plot


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  • Seeq Team

In this example we want to plot both temperature signal and a model signal vs relative humidity in one scatter plot using Seeq.

Here are the Steps:

RAW Data: 

  • Temperature (Area A)
  • Temperature (Area B)
  • X axis - Rel humidity (Area A)



Step 1. Delay one of the signals to make sure the data points for both signals are not aligned 

  • Model (Area B)
    • $TempAreaB.delay(1min)


Step2. Combine the model and the temperature into one signal and set the max interpolation to 1 sec so it doesn't draw a line in between samples 

  • Model & Temp Combined (Area A)
    • $Temp.combinewith($Model).setmaxinterpolation(1sec)


Step3. Create a condition per each sample in the Temperature and Model Signal 

  • Temp Condition (Area A)
    • $Temp.setmaxinterpolation(1sec).isvalid()
  • Model Condition (Area B)
    • $Model.setmaxinterpolation(1sec).isvalid()


Step 4. Go to Scatter plot and select "Relative Humidity" as the X-Axis and "Model &Temp Combined" as the Y Axis


Step 5. In Scatter Plot, select Model condition and Temperature condition for condition based coloring the sample points  








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