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Align Capsules - start time


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Hello Robin,

You can use the grouping functionality in the Capsule View to achieve this functionality.

Below is an example of overlapping capsules that were created based on different input signals.


When I view this display in the capsule time, I see both signals represented for both capsules. So I see 2 overlapping versions of each signal, as shown below.


Instead, I want to see the Area A_Temperature signal only for the Signal A Hot condition, and I want to see the Area B_Temperature signal only for the Signal B Hot condition. To achieve this, I will click the "Group" button from the options at the top of my display, then assign the desired signals to the associated conditions. The clicks required for this are highlighted in the image below.


Once I have assigned the grouping for both of my conditions, the result will show only the desired signals for each capsule that is compared in capsule view.



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Hi Robin,

maybe you want to try this. For this demo I created 3 signals based on the example data of Seeq as I did not have data like yours. For each of the signals I created capsules whenever the value is above 1kW:


In the next step I joined the running conditions to one parent condition:


Now I am able to calculate the delay between the start of the "All running" capsules and the "Running" capsules of each signal and delay the original signal by this value:



In the last step I created capsules for the delayed signal, whenever the value is about 1kW:


You may have to do some adjustments to this example regarding your needs. Hope this helps.




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