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Counting capsules


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Is there a way to count capsules? 

For example, I have created a value search in my data to show me all values above 70%. This forms capsules at the top of my timeframe. However I would like to now count how many capsules are in the selected timeframe (ie from November to January). I have tried using the "count" formula however it is showing a trend with a value every time the value search shows above 70%. I am looking for something that will tell me there were 87 capsules in the timeframe. And if I change the timeframe, then this value would change. I hope this makes sense. 

Thank you!

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Hi Kathryn,

yes, there are multiple options.

You can use aggregate():


This will give you a stepped signal containing the number of capsules per week. 



Another option would be using the Histogram tool:


Or you may use a scorecard metric. When using type "Simple" it will calculate the values for the current display range.



Hope this helps.



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Hello Kathryn, 

Another option is to use the count option in the details pane. If you click on the add value button in the details panel (which is the right hand corner), you have the option of bringing some summary statistics from your signals. One of the options is to add the count of samples (or capsules) in the display pane.

As per the option of displaying the count of values on top of the histogram bar, that is a common feature request, and it is logged in our internal system. If you send a request to support we can log in the request under your organization and we will let you know when that feature makes into the product. 



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