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Displaying Calculations for Multiple Assets Overlaid in the Same Worksheet

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FAQ: Seeq's Asset Swapping functionality enables rapid scaling of calculations across all items in my fleet of assets. It is easy to duplicate a worksheet and display the calculations for each asset in my fleet on a new worksheet, but what is the best approach for if I want to see all of my calculations for each asset on the same worksheet. For example, what if I want to display several calculated items in separate lanes in my display. Within each lane, I want to show that same calculated item for each asset. What is the most efficient way to do this in Seeq?

Solution: This can be quickly and easily achieved by leveraging trend item links in Seeq's Journal. In the example that follows, we will show how you can drop journal links to each of the trend items in your display when viewing a particular asset, then asset swap to the next asset and drop the new trend item links. These links can then be added back to the display all together and the customize panel can be used to place like calculations on the same lane/axis and color-code the signals by asset. 

1) Begin with a specific view of all of your calculated items for a single asset, such as this:

2) Follow the method detailed in this seeq.org post: 

 to add the trend item link for each item in your display to the journal. 

3) Swap to your next asset. Repeat step 2) to add trend item links for this new asset to the journal.

4) Continue steps 2/3 for as many assets as you would like to view together. Once all of the items that you wish to display together have a trend item link in the journal, click each of the links to add them all to the display. 

5) Open the customize panel in the Details Pane and use options like: color, lane, axis, etc to overlay like calculations together in one lane and 1-axis and color by asset.

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