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Normalize a Signal

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How do I normalize a signal in Seeq? Sometimes it can be helpful to view data on a normalized scale or used normalized inputs in a model.


This solution is posted using R22.0.47 but is applicable to earlier versions. Slight modifications of the formula may be required for earlier versions.

1. Let's start by loading our signal...


2. Next we'll use Formula to create a normalized signal. In Formula we do the following steps

  • Define the time period over which we will do the normalization
  • Calculate the min and max values which occur during that time period
  • Calculate the delta between the min and max
  • Finally, calculate the normalized signal


 Here is the code snippet if you'd like to copy and paste...

$timePeriod = capsule('2019-01-01T00:00-05:00', '2020-01-01T00:00-05:00')

$max = $signal.maxValue($timePeriod)
$min = $signal.minValue($timePeriod)

$delta = $max - $min

($signal - $min) / $delta

3. View the results in Seeq. Note that I optionally created scalar boundaries at 0 and 1 to highlight the normalization of my signal...



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