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pin the signal to the worksheet

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Hello there, 

In my worksheet, I used formula function to create a signal used in my boundary. i.e, 0.tosignal(). I found this signal only shows in the worksheet I created, not the others. if there a way to pin this signal? so that i can reuse the signal i have created.

Thank you 

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Hello Felix,

every item you create in Seeq is scoped to the current workbook by default. If you add another worksheet to the workbook you may find the signal under the "Recently Accessed" section in the Data Tab:


If not present under "Recently Accessed" you can also search for it as you do with other items.

You can pin the item for better acceessibility by clicking on the the "Pin" icon next to it. Anonther section "Pinned" is added to the Data Tab containing all pinned items:


However, you have to add the signal to the Display Pane if you want it to be displayed. 

In case you want the item to be availabe in other workbooks as well, you can change the scope of the item to make it availabe globally.



Be carefull: This action cannot be undone!


Hope this helps.





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