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SQL Connector V2 Condition Incorrectly Shows "In Progress"

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I have successfully setup two (MS SQL) condition queries in the SQL Connector V2 JSON file. When I add these conditions to a trend, the last capsule shows "In Progress" in the Capsules table although the SQL does return an end date for this capsule. The capsule at the top of the trend does end at the correct time, but it is hollow as if the capsule is in progress.

Any help on this would be appreciated,



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  • Seeq Team

This behavior is expected.

Seeq caches data to improve performance. If data in a region might change, that data is deemed uncertain. Uncertain regions are not cached so that changes to that data aren't missed. The cursor marks the boundary between certain and uncertain data.

A hollow capsule means that the capsule is in an uncertain region. The cursor is just before the start time of the most recent capsule and therefore the last capsule is always uncertain.

Conditions can have overlapping capsules. Events (capsules) may not be published to the datasource until they are finished. Event A might start at time 1 and end at time 6. Event B might start at time 5 and end at time 10. Event B is published later than Event A. Therefore, the region of Event A remains uncertain (uncached) so that Event B isn't missed.

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