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Creating Aggregate of Scorecard result

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So I have a signal which goes between 1 (off) and 2 (On).

I created capsule for On (=2) and Using scorecard I was able to obtain values of "Count"  

INPUTS = Items to measure (=="On") and Statistics to measure ("Count")

This gives me number of times the equipment Runs in a given time window.

Is there a way to Get this value per day basis.

For eg I am to get total Counts =30 in 1.5 days, Hence scorecard should show Ops/day =20 ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks for reply, But I am looking to get Average value per day as single unit rather than Operations per day table.

For eg  If i see 12 ops on day 1 and 8 Ops one Day 2, Hence scorecard should show Ops/day =10 ? ( [12+8]/2)


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I was able to solved it.

(for some reason not able to insert image here on this post)

1. Essentially took Periodic condition to create daily capsule
2. Used Signal from Condition to create Ops Daily (total for each day in given time range)
3. Used Scorecard to create Ops/day 

This way I get a single value of Ops/day info, and can slide the time range on screen to see the Ops/day value change for the given time period.


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