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how to make a marker?

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Hi Felix,

markers can be created with the function markersThreshold(). In the following example I am creating markers for the points in time, when the value becomes greater than 78. The markers are just capsules with no duration:


Adding growEnd() to the function will create capsules spanning from marker to marker:


When working with markers ypu should also know capsulesFromMarkers(), which you can use to create capsules between different markers. Let suppose you want to create a capsule starting each time the temperature rises above 80 and ending when the temperature falls below 90:

$start = $t.markersThreshold(isgreaterthan(80))
$end = $t.markersThreshold(islessthan(90))

capsulesFromMarkers($start, $end, 2wk)



The markers can be created on two different signals as well:




Hope this helps.



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Hey Thorsten,

Thanks for your reply. Is there a way to make a marker based on date? I saw the example in the formula are based on signal values. For my case,when there are failures occurred and we know the date and time from another source. we would like to pin it on the seeq visuals.



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  • Seeq Team

Hello Felix, Thorsten, 

If you know the start and end date of a particular event/failure, you can simply create a Custom Condition or accomplish the same result through Formula. image.png

Alternatively, you can use the CSV Import Tool to import multiple capsules if you have the start/end dates listed in a CSV file. 

Does this address your question, Felix?


Chris O

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  • Seeq Team


To address the 2nd part of your question, once you have created capsules for all your known failures. You can use Seeq Formula to create a condition of "non-failures" with the Formula:


From there, you can use the TimeSince function in Formula to create a time counter between failures. 

TimeSince($nonfailures, 1d)

Hope that completes the picture for you!

-Chris O

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