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Hi Chris,

you can try to use the OData Export and some scripting in Powershell to export to CSV.


Copy the "OData Sample Table Endpoint" and insert into the script below to export signal values:


$credentials = Get-Credential

$result =Invoke-RestMethod http://seeqserver:34216/odata.svc/Analysis_36_Export_1_7C86D848_7A39_4B5B_BB67_FA66A18CF6E4_DataSet -Credential $credentials

$result |  ForEach-Object { 
$properties = $_.content.properties
Timestamp = $properties.timestamp
Temperature = $properties.Cooling_Tower_1ǀExampleǀArea_AǀTemperature
RH = $properties.Cooling_Tower_1ǀExampleǀArea_AǀRelative_Humidity
} | Export-Csv C:\Temp\data.csv -NoTypeInformation

Another way would be using the API / SDK (https://support.seeq.com/space/KB/117027248/Seeq%20APIs%20and%20SDKs) or Seeq Data Lab, if you have a license for this.



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