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Elimination of public items?

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Hi Adam-

Here is a screenshot of the new home screen from a mobile device:


I will note that there is currently a known issue when viewing the home screen in Safari (such as on an iPhone).  This bug causes the list of folders under the Shared and All categories to appear jumbled.  This may make navigation difficult when using Seeq on an iPhone.  This bug is already logged as CRAB-20100.  Please let me know if you would like to be linked to this item so that you will be notified of our progress towards correcting the issue.



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Hi Bharat, 

You should be able to find Shared items by clicking on the shared button on the left navigation menu. This should contain items shared with you by other users. You may need to increase the items you can see on one page by changing from 5 to 20 (as example) on the bottom as shown in screenshot below. You can also search for all Workbench files shared with you via search bar at the top as shown in the screenshot. You can also find some more info here: https://support.seeq.com/space/KB/1349779782/Home%20Screen 


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