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summation of capsule durations


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Hi, I would to find out if it's possible to find out the following using SEEQ.

My problem is framed as such :

  • I have a process variable that exceeds its limit for a certain duration once every few days.
  • I'm able to create a condition to detect this - and this creates capsules which allows me to see the duration at which the limit is exceeded.
  • I'm trying to check the total duration of deviation over the years i.e. total duration where the variable exceeds the limit for 2018 vs 2019, or month to month.

I've tried using signal from condition to work something out, but can't seem to get the results I want.

Any help is appreciated.



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  • Seeq Team

Hi aeina,

You probably have something that looks like this with regards to the capsules you have already found:image.png

In order to do what you want, you first need to make capsules representing the time period you want to aggregate across. You can do this using Periodic Condition. For example if I wanted to compare years (2018 vs. 2019), I would make a yearly capsule. If I wanted to compare month to month, I could create a monthly capsule:


Once you have that made, you can then use Signal from Condition to calculate the Total Duration of the original capsules during the bounding condition of the Monthly or Yearly capsule you created:


This will give you the view like this:


Alternately, you could use Scorecard Metric to create a tabular view of the same data:


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