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The formula of duration between "close" / "not close" valve positions

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  1. Is it possible to calculate the duration of valve opening (from time when change from "close"  to "not close" to time when change from "not close" to "close")   I've tried to do this by derivative function, but the values are string type. 
  2. For the period of time, e.g. a year need to receive the number of the scalar values of these periods and then perform some calculations with formula with each of that scalar value.



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Hi Vladimir,

regarding the first question:
As I understand your question you want to calcuate the duration of the period when the valve is opened .


("from time when change from "close"  to "not close" to time when change from "not close" to "close")

You can do this by creating a "Value Search" and then using "Signal from Condition" to calculate the duration of each capsule:




Regarding your second question:
Create a "Periodic Condition" to create capsules for the periods you are interested in. Then create another "Signal from Condition" to count the number of "Valve open" capsules during the created Periodic Condition:


Does this answer your questions?



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