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Totalized() formula - definite integral use case.


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Hello everybody!

I struggle to find the idea of how to integrate the value under the trend.

Use case (example):

System contains one flowmeter(l/h) and one volume meter (liters). The volume meter gives information only once, daily. The samples from the flowmeter comes more frequently (every 15min).



My goal is to get the volume value more often, than volume meter sample.

In order to do that, I would like to integrate the area under the water flow chart(l/h) continously. Then - everytime sample from the volume counter comes - I would like to equal the value I got by this formula, to the value which comes from the volume meter.

I found the "totalized()" formula, which by description seems to be perfect for my case, however, I can not make it running...
Firstly, I don't undrstand why it must be bounded by capsules. I don't need capsules, I'd like to have it continously.
Second thing - I can't make it running even after creation of example capsule condition.

I tried this example




I also didn't find any example of "totalized()" function running.
I would appreciate every help...


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Aleksander,

The totalize function requires the totalization to be bounded by a capsule because otherwise it has no idea how far back in history to go. For instance, if you want to view the most recent day worth of data, does it have to go back through the entire history of your data signal (maybe 10+ years worth of data) to perform the calculation on? Therefore, the condition you give it will "bound" that calculation to a certain period of time so that Seeq knows when to start and stop that calculation.

If I'm understanding correctly, I think you would want to "bound" the calculation each day to match the other sensor readout and I also think you would want the integral function instead of totalized so you get the running integral across the day. If so, first create a periodic condition for "daily" and then do:


This will integrate the signal, resetting the integration each day. If you would like it to go longer, then change your condition as appropriate.

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