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Treemap Question

Mike Dou

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A quick question with regards to Tree Maps in SeeQ. Does the size of the cells mean anything?

 If it doesn’t, is it possible to link the block size to say the magnitude of meter index count? (i.e. a larger meter index count = larger cell size)











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Hi Mike,

by default the size of the tiles reflects the number of assets under the specific asset. In this example, as Cooling Tower 1 has more assets belonging it then Cooling Tower 2, the area of the rectange is bigger:


Assets below Cooling Tower 1:


Assets below Cooling Tower 2:


As you may notice the shape of the rectangles for Area J and K in Cooling Tower 1 is different from the other rectangles, although the size is the same. Resizing the browser circumvents this issue and displays the rectangles all in the same shape:


You can override the size of each item individually as described here:

Hope this helps.



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