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Capsule 'In Progress' Issue.

John Holland

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I want to create a capsule containing the 12 months previous to the current month. So, with today being 25th November, the capsule should be from 1st November 2019 00:00 to 1st November 2020 00:00. 

I tried:

$startofthismonth = floorTime(now(), 1mo, '2020-11-01' ,"Europe/Belfast")
$startofprevious12months = $startofthismonth - 12month
condition(12 mo, capsule($startofprevious12months,$startofthismonth))

Which starts at the right time but shows 'In Progress'. Is there any way to do this so that the capsule has a proper end time.


The goal is to use this in an organiser topic to show 12 months data.

Perhaps there is a better way to do this?



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  • Seeq Team

Hi John,

The capsule shows in progress because when the next month starts, it will jump to the next month, meaning that the capsule will continuously be moving. I think what you want is to use the following formula which will create a 1 year long capsule starting each month. 

periods(1y, 1mo)


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