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  1. Ah, nice that worked to move to formula interface! Never used the API before. But it seems to have broken some of the dependent analysis somehow, but that could be related to some max duration or something like that, but that should not change by adding a property. Anyway, Think I will just need to replace manually this time. Although that's also a bit involved. But if there is a lot of dependencies that's gonna be quicker approach then duplicating. Thank you!
  2. I would like to suggest that users should be able to select the frequency of the schedule. Admin can do it, but not feasiable for admin to keep track of every notification. Sometimes a day might be enough instead of 15 min. Best if users them selfs can set this, preferably with a limit on the low side set by admin, 15 minutes for instance.
  3. Hi, in addition to the "Duplicate to Formula" feature I would like to have the option to "Convert to formula". To simply be able to go from a tool-created condition or signal to the formula version of the same, with all hierarchy for that singal/condition maintained. The issue is when I like to add properties to a condition that is referenced in multiple subsequent analysis. Using duplicate to formula or creating a new formula would loose the hierarchy and I would need to go into mulitple analysis and update the reference to the new condition.
  4. Hi, I have a condition that is used in a lot of subsequent analysis in a workbench. It's created using the "identify" tool (and not formula). I wish to add a property to this condition. I can do this in a new formula, or by duplicating the condition to a formula. My issue with that is then I need to go into every place it is referenced and change the condition to the new one. Instead of "duplicate to formula" I would want a feature to "convert to formula" which would maintain the hierarchy, but unlock possibility to add properties or otherwise modify that very condition further. Can this be achieved somehow?
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