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Increase the number of displayed signals from 10 when spy.push is used


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji-

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the top 10 signals are displayed in the worksheet by design. If more than 10 signals are pushed, they are still searchable in the workbook. If you’d like to trend more than 10 items, I’d recommend that you pull the workbook and then modify the display_items for the worksheet, and then push it back.

There is not a maximum number of signals that can be plotted on a single worksheet. However, as the number of trended items increases, the more difficult it will be to actually view the data clearly and identify trends in your signals. Additionally, if a significant number of items are trended, performance may degrade as well.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Where should I modify the "display_items", is it an argument in spy.push() function? or should I include a column "display_items" in my metadata and give the value as "True" for the signals I need to trend?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji-

You have to take a few steps to get more than ten pushed signals to display in the Worksheet, but it’s totally possible. To begin, make sure that you assign the result of spy.push to variable. Here is some example code:

push_results = spy.push(data=my_data_df)


# Pull the workbook. Use the URL of the Workbook where the signals where pushed 4# You can take it from the output of the above command

url = 'https://explore.seeq.com/36202737-B32E-463B-A583-202BD4D8A7AB/workbook/6D2D5190-3A28-4E60-B9AD-F4DCE35ACD06/worksheet/904599EB-93D1-4C32-BD23-643D641EB063'

wb = spy.workbooks.pull(url)[0]


# get the worksheet from the workbook

ws = wb.worksheets[0]


# add all the pushed items to the worksheet

ws.display_items = push_results


# push the workbook with the modified worksheet back to Seeq


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